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Every small business and professional practice can benefit from a robust online presence. When local customers or clients can easily find you through a simple Google search, that does wonders for your brand recognition. But just being found isn’t enough. The ultimate goal of search engine visibility is to bring qualified leads to your business website, then to convert them into bottom-line profits.

FOUND Web Creative is a proven partner to medical and dental practices, law firms, and small businesses alike. Located in Murrieta, we offer a no-nonsense approach to SEO, helping you meet the objectives that matter most: Connecting with customers on the web, capturing greater market share, and increasing revenue.

Why SEO Matters to the Long Term and Sustainable Growth of Your Murrieta Organization

Over 90% of Consumers Use Online Search to Find a Local Business

There are plenty of SEO firms that will check a few boxes, make a couple of minor website optimizations, then call it a day. When done properly, though, SEO is about building a sustainable strategy to increase organic traffic and qualified leads, ultimately contributing to business growth. Indeed, SEO is one of the top marketing channels that has the potential to generate “free” sustainable business and brand recognition. Those are the values we bring to each of our clients here at FOUND Web Creative.

Local & Organic SEO Visibility Explained

How Search Rankings Affect Your Bottom-Line Revenue

When locals need to find a trusted business or a reliable organization, they typically turn to Google. As such, your prominence within critical local search results can have a massive impact on your level of appointments, inquiries, or walk-ins. Simply put, visibility on the search engine results page (SERP) is directly correlated with the overall success of your small business or practice.

Ranking the Local Map Pack VS Not Ranking the Local Map Pack

From a Murrieta resident search
ie: 'employment attorney near me'

One goal of a robust SEO strategy is visibility in Google Maps results. Studies show that 42 percent of local searches involve clicks on Google’s Local Map Pack, making it imperative for your business to have a prominent position there.

Ranking #1 Overall Organically VS Ranking Page 2

From a Murrieta resident search
ie: 'employment attorney murrieta'

Another study finds that 34 percent of clicks are on the #1 organic results page, while page 2 attains about one percent. In other words, if your business can’t earn a place on the first page of search results, it’s virtually invisible to local consumers and qualified leads.

Premium Local SEO Services So Your Practice or Small Business Can Dominate the Murrieta Market in Due Time

At FOUND Web Creative, we’re not like the shortcut-taking agencies that boast big results without actually offering a long-term strategy. Instead, our passion is investing in your Murrieta business over the long haul, setting a reasonable expectation for sustainable growth through careful, diligent SEO work.

Murrieta Medical Practices

Our team has considerable experience working with local medical practices, asserting them as trusted caregivers even in crowded, competitive markets.

Murrieta Dental Practices

We help dental practices position themselves as authoritative providers within their communities, generating referrals and inquiries from qualified patients.

Murrieta Law Firms

Through our local SEO services, we help attorneys establish themselves as trusted names, earning inquiries and setting appointments.

Murrieta Small Businesses & Franchises

We also provide search engine optimization services to position small companies and franchise businesses for long-term revenue growth and a high level of visibility.

A Tale of Two Practices in Murrieta, CA

In the busy town of Murrieta, two oral surgeons set up shop at roughly the same time. Though similar in the services offered to local patients, the two practices differed very much in their commitment to local SEO.

Invested in SEO

The first practice prioritized and invested heavily in search engine optimization, especially in their early months. That investment paid off: Though they didn’t see massive results overnight, the practice ultimately solidified its position as the oral surgery facility of choice among local consumers. As such, the practice saw substantial revenue growth, all attributable to their investment in SEO.

Not Invested in SEO

Murrieta’s second oral surgeon wasn’t as keen on investing in sustainable SEO efforts. Devaluing their search engine strategy, the practice enlisted some cheap agencies to check the right boxes, make a few tweaks, and generate “fast” SEO results. But because they didn’t have a firm foundation or a careful strategy in place, their visibility was quickly erased, leaving them missing out on one opportunity after another. The practice quickly became known as the second fiddle to Murrieta’s savvier oral surgeon, whose early investment in SEO proved the more durable approach.

Successful SEO Leads to a Future of Sustainable Patient, Client, or Customer Acquisition

Improving your search engine visibility isn’t an end unto itself. It’s really about ensuring you can keep customers coming through your front door for many years to come.

Increase Search Visibility

Through solid SEO, you can make your business more easily “discoverable” among local consumers, elevating your brand recognition and market penetration.

Increase Qualified Traffic

As more and more research-stage consumers see your business in the search listings, you’ll see an influx of qualified traffic to your website.

Increase Call, Chat, and Form Leads

With the right website, you can then engage those leads to call, chat with you, or fill out a form, increasing the chances that they become paying customers or patients.

Increase Revenue Attributed to SEO

Ultimately, an investment in search engine optimization should yield a substantial improvement to your bottom line, all of it directly traceable to your local SEO work.

“My Previous or Current SEO Company Dropped the Ball”

It Comes Down to Leads and Dollars That Can Be Attributed to SEO

It’s a sad reality of the SEO industry: Many agencies hide behind the curtain, performing menial tasks that don’t really move the needle or help you improve your bottom line. These agencies are usually dominated by aggressive sales teams who promise big results while expectations drop off just as soon as the SEO team enters the picture. These agencies thrive on their clients being mystified by SEO, ultimately wasting time and presenting minimal progress.

At FOUND Web Creative, we hit the ground running as soon as the dotted line is signed, offering a higher ceiling from the get-go. We’re results-oriented, transparent, and client-minded, focused on growing our client’s businesses and limiting low project turnover.

SEO Strategies That Grow Your Authority and Increase Google’s Trust in Your Murrieta Organization

When you choose to work with FOUND Web Creative, we’ll develop custom strategies to provide you with meaningful, sustainable results.


During the initial discovery appointment, we’ll take some time getting to know your business, reaching a clearer sense of your business goals and SEO opportunities.

Site Audit

By auditing your website, we can identify areas for improvement, as well as advantages that we can capitalize on.

Competitor Analysis

Search engine optimization doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To help you dominate the market, we’ll first need to get a handle on what your competitors are doing.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical part of the process, giving us a better understanding of how your ideal customers might be searching for information on the Web.

Content Planning & Development

In order to achieve local SEO success, we’ll need to carefully develop high-quality content that keeps readers engaged.

Backlink Development

Rather than buying backlinks, we’ll actually earn them via solid content development and relationship-building.

On-Page Optimization

With ample experience in both SEO and website design, our team is prepared to handle all aspects of technical optimization, ensuring your page is built to generate traffic.

Google Business Profile Enrichment

Having an up-to-date Google Business Profile is a core concern for any business owner seeking SEO success.

Citation Development

Our team can enact strategies to boost your level of citations in local directories, a key ranking signal in Google’s search algorithms.

Review Assist

We can improve your ability to generate positive consumer reviews, while also helping manage or dispute any harmful ones.

Page Speed & Core Web Vitals

Ensuring a well-performing website is crucial for user experience, to say nothing of ranking high in the SERPs.

Shareable Asset Creation

The creation of shareable assets, including social media content, can be a powerful driver of website traffic, plus a good way to build brand recognition.

Social Sharing & Offsite Outreach

Our team will work to create interest in your business through a range of social sharing and offsite outreach opportunities.

Conversion Optimization

We understand that getting traffic is just part of the equation. From there, we can help you convert as many of those visitors as possible into customers, clients, or patients.

Performance Reporting

We are always happy to provide detailed reporting, helping you to clearly see the results we’re getting on your behalf.

Unlock the Full Potential of SEO for Your Practice or Small Business

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