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SEO Infused Web Design Services for Small Business and Professional Practices

At FOUND Web Creative, we don’t just retrofit existing websites to ensure search engine visibility. We also build new websites with SEO as a foundational component.

Beautiful Websites Built to Get FOUND and Drive LEADS

Your business website should be more than an online placeholder, or a simple information source. Ultimately, your website should be made to be easily discoverable by local consumers; to draw traffic from qualified leads; and to convert those leads into clients, customers, or patients. That’s exactly what we offer at FOUND Web Creative.

SEO Built-In and Campaign Ready

We build SEO-infused websites from the ground up, meaning sites that are designed with performance, speed, site architecture, and on-page optimization in mind. These websites are made not just to look good, but to help you bring in customers and improve your bottom line.

Conversion is EVERYTHING

Drawing qualified leads to your website is a huge step, but it’s not the ultimate goal. What you really need is to turn those leads into customers. FOUND builds websites that are designed to engage users, prompt action, and generate inquiries, appointments, and sales.

First Impressions of Websites Are 94% Related to Design

Your website design determines what customers, clients, and patients think of your brand… and whether they feel comfortable giving you their business. Learn more about designs that make strong first impressions. Set up a discovery call with FOUND Web Creative.

Why It’s Important to Update Your Website

Maybe you already have a solid website in place. Even so, the “set it and forget it” approach is never a good idea.

Engage Your Audience

An effective website keeps visitors on the page, learning more about your business and ultimately reaching out to make contact. Through effective content and a strategic CTA structure, FOUND Web Creative can help you ensure you have a website that truly engages.

Speed Matters

One out of four users will abandon a website if it takes more than four seconds to load. You can’t afford to have a sluggish website performance. Our team will ensure an optimal performance and a positive user experience.

Accessibility is Vital

Does your website welcome all users, including those who may have accessibility issues? At FOUND Web Creative, we design websites that are fully ADA compliant, allowing you to make your business or practice fully accessible to all.

Mobile Experience

Right now, 59 percent of website traffic comes from mobile users. That number will only increase over time, as mobile and voice search become more prominent. It’s imperative to have a website that looks great across all browser and device types.

The Process

What should you expect from your experience with FOUND Web Creative? From start to finish, we prioritize clear communication, reasonable expectation-setting, and full site customization.


Before we start designing your website, we need to know more about what your business is and what you hope to accomplish. We’ll talk together about your brand values and your target audience, also conducting an existing site audit (when applicable) and keyword research to identify some points of opportunity.


Ultimately, we want to design a website that improves your bottom line. That means erecting a careful strategy for lead generation, audience engagement, and conversion. We’ll consider everything from content to navigation, ensuring that all design and SEO choices blend seamlessly.


We don’t make websites from templates. Instead, we design brand new websites from the ground up, always with your design preferences in mind. We also emphasize things like speed, site performance and security, ease of use, and mobile readiness.


We’ll be in regular communication with you throughout the design process. And when your site’s ready to go, we’ll schedule a soft launch, allowing you to take the site for a test drive and recommend any last-minute changes or revisions.

Premium Custom Video and Photography to Set Your Brand Apart

To make sure your site engages, and that it speaks to your elevated level of professionalism and excellence, you’re going to need more than just text and stock images. At FOUND Web Creative, we provide premium custom video and photography to inject your site with crisp, contemporary appeal.

Custom Websites Built on the Versatile WordPress CMS

A business website should never be static. You’ll want an easy way to update your website information or to add fresh content as your business grows. That’s why we build websites on the robust WordPress platform, providing a simple way to log in and revise the site as needed.

Attract, Captivate, and Convert Your Prospects with a Stunning Website

Hold an Initial Discovery Call and Receive a Proposal in Under a Week

We’re thrilled to offer SEO-infused Web design services for small businesses and professional practices. To start the process, set up a discovery call today. We’ll talk with you about your website needs and goals, then send you a proposal in one week’s time. Reach out to FOUND Web Creative to schedule your discovery call.

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