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When you hire an SEO consultant, you want someone who can help you achieve greater visibility on the Web. But ultimately, what you really want is someone who can boost your brand recognition and prestige, help you connect with potential customers, and drive qualified leads to your business website. That’s exactly what you get when you choose FOUND Web Creative.

We provide premium SEO services, along with SEO-infused website design, to local businesses and professional practices, including doctors, dentists, attorneys, and more. But we’re not just another SEO consultant business. At FOUND, we invest in your success, and care just as much about achieving sustainable growth as you do.

Hello, I'm Eric

I am a veteran of the SEO and digital marketing worlds.

I got my start as a graphic and website designer, all the way back in 2004. (still in high school at the time.) In 2008, I took my first job with an advertising agency. By 2015 I had transitioned from designer to SEO professional, taking on an SEO Strategist role for a highly regarded digital marketing agency.

In 2022, I held a lead SEO role for a well known multi-billion dollar telecom company. Growing weary of the corporate atmosphere, I decided it was time to branch out on my own. So, I started FOUND Web Creative! With FOUND, I’m excited  to get back to my roots in helping professional practices and small businesses achieve organic growth via search engine optimization and conversion-oriented web design.

What We Do

FOUND Web Creative has a few simple objectives. We want to help your company become more visible on the Web. We want to improve your bottom line by bringing in qualified leads. And, we want to demystify the SEO process, helping you to clearly see what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

In pursuit of these goals, we focus on two core service offerings: SEO and SEO-infused website design. But we’re not here just to make a few tweaks or check a few boxes. Our goal is to provide a substantive campaign that will help you sustain search engine prominence over the long haul, all while improving your lead generation.

What Makes Us Different?

We Demystify SEO

We’re not interested in hiding behind technical jargon or smoke-and-mirror tricks. We take the time to educate and inform our clients, ensuring you understand the efforts we’re making on your behalf.

We Set Reasonable Expectations

Be wary when agencies make promises that sound too good to be true, because they usually are. We set clear expectations upfront: We’re in it for the long haul and will help you achieve significant goals within a realistic timeframe.

We're Data-Driven

We emphasize honesty and transparency in everything we do and are always happy to provide metrics showing the progress we’re making toward your campaign goals.

Set Up a Discovery Call with an SEO Consultant Today

At FOUND Web Creative, we’re ready to invest big time in your business success. To schedule an initial SEO discovery call, contact us today. We’ll get a proposal back to you in just one week’s time.

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