Local SEO for Dentists & Oral Surgeons

Sustain Your Patient Growth With Search Engine Optimization

Have you recently opened a new practice or are unhappy with your current SEO firm? Are you tired of competitors blowing your dental or oral surgery practice away in the search results? With revenue and long term sustainable growth at stake, there is no more years to waste! Let FOUND steward your practice’s SEO efforts and take control of your local market today!
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Local SEO for Dentists & Oral Surgeons

Sustain Your Patient Growth With Search Engine Optimization

Have you recently opened a new practice or are unhappy with your current SEO firm? Are you tired of competitors blowing your dental or oral surgery practice away in the search results? With revenue and long term sustainable growth at stake, there is no more years to waste! Let FOUND steward your practice’s SEO efforts and take control of your local market today!

Why is SEO So Important to the Long Term and Sustainable Growth of Your Dental or Oral Surgery Practice?

Over 90% of People Use Online Search to Find a Local Service

The initial goal of dental SEO is to ensure that your practice is clearly visible on the Google search engine results page (SERP). And yet, that in and of itself is insufficient. What SEO really needs to accomplish is sending traffic to your practice website, allowing you to engage qualified leads and to turn them into appointments. By regularly generating relevant leads, a sound SEO strategy can yield sustained, long-term growth. Indeed, other than word of mouth buzz, no other marketing method lends itself so well to cost-effective revenue growth.

Local & Organic SEO Visibility Explained

How Search Rankings Affect Your Dental Practice’s “Bottom Line” Revenue

When people need a dentist or an oral surgeon, their first step is usually to fire up their favorite search engine to explore the options in the area. If your practice is positioned as one of the top choices in the area, more visible than your competitors, it significantly boosts the rate of qualified leads who visit your website, where they will potentially reach out for an appointment. As such, dental SEO can have a demonstrable, linear effect on your bottom-line profitability.

Ranking the Local Map Pack VS Not Ranking the Local Map Pack

Studies reveal that 42 percent of local searches involve clicks on Google’s Local Map Pack. If your practice is featured in this rarified space, it automatically positions you as one of the oral health practices of choice among local patients.

Ranking #1 Overall Organically VS Ranking Page 2

Further studies indicate that 34 percent of clicks are on the #1 organic result while the top of page 2 attains just one percent. In other words, practices that feature within the first few search results are exponentially more likely to get click-throughs. Working with a dental SEO expert can make all the difference.

Stop Losing Patient Prospects to Practices With Better Search Visibility!

The Time to Outflank Your Local Competition is Now

To put it most plainly, oral healthcare providers who make a reasonable investment in dental SEO tend to achieve higher search engine visibility, greater Map Pack prominence, a higher rate of traffic, and a larger number of appointments. Simply put, they become the practices of note within their community. A sound dental SEO plan can help put you in this distinguished company, growing your practice beyond the point of your competitors.

Premium Local SEO Services So Your Dental Practice Can Dominate Your Market

We Serve Various Types of Dentistry Practices

At FOUND Web Creative, we have a proven track record providing excellent SEO for dentists, oral surgeons, and other practitioners. We are pleased to deliver sustainable, long-term dental SEO solutions for all kinds of local practices, including:


A judicious approach to SEO can help endodontic practices increase their online visibility, along with their rates of referrals and appointments.

General Family Dentists

Family dentistry can be a crowded, competitive space. Working with a dental SEO expert can help your practice distinguish itself.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Establish your oral and maxillofacial surgery practice as the practice of choice among local patients. FOUND Web Creative can help.


Looking for a way to help your orthodontic practice stand out and gain revenues? Our dental SEO services can give you a leg up.

Pediatric Dentists

Our team is pleased to work with pediatric dental practices, helping them gain search engine prominence with a focus on long-term, bottom-line results.


An investment in dental SEO can yield sustainable revenue growth for your periodontal practice, helping you draw qualified leads to your practice website.


We are pleased to provide robust dental SEO strategies for prosthodontists, establishing their visibility among local patients and referring doctors.

A Tale of Two Oral Surgery Practices in Searchville Over 5 Years

In the busy town of Searchville, two oral surgeons set up shop at roughly the same time. Though similar in the services offered to local patients, the two practices differed very much in their commitment to local SEO.

Invested in SEO

Meet Jody

Jody opened her own dental practice, prioritizing and investing heavily into authentic search engine optimization. That investment paid off: Though her practice didn’t see massive results overnight, the practice not only solidified its position in Google search, but also as the dental practice of choice among her local community. As such, Jody’s practice saw substantial revenue growth, all attributable to her ongoing commitment to SEO.

Not Invested in SEO

Meet Bruce

Bruce, a dentist who has been in Searchville for 5 years, wasn’t as keen on investing in SEO. He tried a few $99/mo. offers promising “fast” SEO results, and ultimately wrote it off as not worth pursuing when the phone failed to ring. Bruce’s dental website resides on page 3 of the search engine results page and outside of the map pack for very relevant local keywords (ie: ‘dentist searchville’). He often wonders how his competitor, Jody, attained so much search visibility as a new practice.

We've Helped Dentists & Oral Surgeons Achieve Page 1 Ranking in the Following States

Successful SEO Leads to a Future of Sustainable Patient Acquisition

A successful dental SEO strategy doesn’t stop with an improved Google search result. The ultimate goal is to bring you new patients, fueling sustained long-term growth.

Increase Search Visibility

A smart, data-driven approach to SEO will help you advance through the search rankings, rendering your practice more easily “discoverable” among local patients and referring providers.

Increase Qualified Traffic

Your heightened position in the local search results will yield an increase in traffic from relevant patients.

Increase Call, Chat, and Form Leads

As local patients hit your website, you can engage them to fill out appointment request forms or simply call your practice directly.

Increase Revenue Attributed to SEO

Ultimately, a sound approach to dental SEO will result in an increase in appointments and in revenue, all clearly traceable to your investment in SEO.

“My Previous or Current SEO Company Dropped the Ball”

What Makes FOUND Different?

Sadly, we hear SEO horror stories all the time. There are way too many firms that hide behind a curtain, doing menial tasks that never really move the needle or result in real revenue increases. But FOUND Web Creative doesn’t work that way. Our mission is to demystify SEO, explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it at every step of the way. And, we set clear expectations from the beginning, highlighting our plan to achieve sustainable, long-term, bottom-line growth for your dental practice.

SEO Strategies That Grow Your Authority and Increase Google’s Trust in Your Dental Practice

When you choose to work with FOUND Web Creative, we’ll develop custom strategies to provide you with meaningful, sustainable results.


Our process always kicks off with a discovery call, giving us a chance to learn your practice and to clearly define your goals and expectations.

Site Audit

Through an initial audit, our team will find ways to make your website a more effective engine for lead generation.

Competitor Analysis

We conduct an extensive analysis of your competitors, seeing what they’re doing to achieve prominent search engine placement.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO, as it enables us to zero in on the words and phrases people use to seek local dental information on the web.

Content Planning & Development

Our team will help you plan and develop the informational content needed to engage visitors and to assert your practice’s authority in oral health.

Backlink Development

We’ll earn strong backlinks from reputable sources, an integral part of the local search engine optimization process.

On-Page Optimization

Technical SEO is always on our radar. We’ll ensure that all aspects of your site are properly optimized for great, long-term rankings.

Google Business Profile Enrichment

One essential step in dental SEO is crafting a strong Google Business Profile. Our team will help you make full use of this important online asset.

Citation Development

Through our citation services, we will supply your dental practice with references from notable directories and local indexes.

Review Assist

Potential patients will definitely want to see that your practice has good reviews. We can help manage your online reviews, highlighting positives and disputing negatives.

Page Speed & Core Web Vitals

Our team will help to ensure your site has an optimal loading speed and meets all of the other criteria found in Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Shareable Asset Creation

Through the creation and distribution of shareable assets, we can help you generate name recognition for your practice.

Social Sharing & Offsite Outreach

Social sharing and outreach allow us not only to create brand awareness, but also to generate more traffic for your practice website.

Conversion Optimization

Our goal is not just to help you bring in traffic, but to help you convert that traffic into appointments, and ultimately into revenues.

Performance Reporting

FOUND Web Creative will provide clear reports and metrics at every step of the way, demystifying our process and proving our results.

Unlock the Full Potential of SEO for Your Dental Practice

Hold an Initial Discovery Call and Receive a Proposal in Under a Week

We are proud to provide SEO for dental practices, and are committed to a transparent, no-nonsense, bottom-line-focused approach. We’d love to tell you more. Schedule a discovery call with FOUND Web Creative and we’ll have a proposal your way in less than a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental SEO

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about dental SEO. Here are a few of the most common inquiries we receive.

How Long Will It Take to See Results for my Dental Practice?

Seeing meaningful results from SEO efforts takes time. One key variable is the level of competitiveness in the market served. Depending on the package selected (overall aggressiveness), we implement strategies that aim to attain short-term victories and long-term dominance. We tell clients six months to a year is a good timeline to identify the health of our campaign, but typically we like to showcase that we’re trending in the right direction within three to six months of the campaign start date.

It’s also crucial to mention that, at FOUND Web Creative, we abide by the fact that SEO is a long-term play (as opposed to paid marketing for immediate results). It’s an investment, and you reap what you sow, which is why it’s absolutely imperative to hire the right SEO team from the start. Your ability to see sustained patient growth depends on it.

Can You Guarantee #1 Ranking for my Dental Practice?

We caution our clients to be weary of any agency making such lofty promises. Simply put, there are no ranking guarantees in this business. Usually, sketchy agencies make these promises for keywords of low bottom-line value. Most of the time, however, any qualified keyword of worth, depending on the competitiveness, will take some time and effort to nurture and see meaningful search visibility growth.

Ultimately, while rankings do matter, they are only a single key performance indicator, with qualified traffic and leads being the more meaningful metrics to track. In the end, we want to emphasize how our campaigns contribute to actual organic traffic and leads, which help your practice to grow and to thrive.

Other Digital Marketing Agencies Are Guaranteeing Super Fast Results!

As we noted in the two previous answers, SEO requires real time and effort, especially if you are in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

We take pride in our holistic SEO methodologies, building SEO campaigns out of brick rather than straw. We go for the compounding snowball effect, where we strive to dominate select competitive keywords in batches, as opposed to diluting strategies and resources across a broad variety of services a client may provide. We’re looking for partners who believe in SEO and see the value of committing to it for as long as their practice doors are open.

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