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Local SEO for Medical Practices - Doctors & Medical Professionals Alike

When patients experience distressing symptoms, or simply want to learn more about life-altering procedures, their first stop is the Google search engine. To connect with patients in your area, boosting your reputation as well as your appointment-setting rate, it’s imperative that your medical practice have a prominent position in local search results. At FOUND Web Creative, we provide medical SEO expertise with an emphasis on improving your bottom line.
Plastic Surgery SEO Slide Visual

Why is SEO So Important to the Long Term and Sustainable Growth of Your Medical Practice?

Over 90% of People Use Online Search to Find a Local Service

When done properly, medical SEO will lead to a notable increase in organic traffic and qualified leads. In other words, your practice will continually draw local patients who are seeking answers from a reputable health professional. Aside from word-of-mouth referrals, there’s no marketing method that’s more sustainable or cost-effective.

Local & Organic SEO Visibility Explained

How Search Rankings Affect Your Bottom-Line Revenue

Search engines give patients an easy way to reference their symptoms, learn more about key procedures, or check out the reputation of local physicians. When patients in your community seek insight into a healthcare concern, it’s pivotal for your practice to be positioned as a trusted partner and provider. Through higher placement in local search results, your practice can see a notable increase in appointments, and ultimately in paying patients.

Ranking the Local Map Pack VS Not Ranking the Local Map Pack

Studies show that 42 percent of local searches involve clicks on Google’s Local Map Pack. Placement within this prime online real estate can translate into much greater name recognition for your practice, more website traffic, and additional opportunities to convert.

Ranking #1 Overall Organically VS Ranking Page 2

Research also finds that 34 percent of clicks are on the #1 organic result, while the top of page 2 attains about 1 percent. In other words, for your practice to achieve any level of visibility among local patients, achieving page-one visibility is key. That’s where strategic medical SEO comes in.

Stop Losing Patient Prospects to Practices With Better Search Visibility!

The reality for today’s healthcare provider is that, when patients need to find a new doctor or dentist, the easiest way to obtain information is to conduct an online search. The practices with the highest level of visibility are the ones that win appointments. As such, medical SEO can produce a major competitive advantage.

Premium Local SEO Services So Your Medical Practice Can Dominate Your Market

At FOUND Web Creative, we provide SEO for medical practices of all types. Our team has robust experience specializing in medical SEO, and we understand the unique challenges and opportunities associated with marketing healthcare businesses on the Web.

We Serve Various Types of Medical Practices:

Addiction Treatment Centers

Our experience encompasses strategic, revenue-driven SEO services on behalf of addiction recovery centers and substance abuse facilities.

Allergy & Immunology Medical Practices

We help allergists and immunologists gain the name recognition and SERP placement required to bring in new appointments, and to gain an edge over the competition.

Audiology Medical Practices

Our team provides medical SEO services, including SEO-infused website design, for providers who work in the audiology specialty.

Bariatric Surgery Medical Practices

Bariatric surgeons need robust SEO to gain visibility among local patients. FOUND Web Creative provides it for them.

Cancer Care & Oncology Medical Practices

We understand the need for cancer providers to develop name recognition, and to cultivate trust, among patients and their families. We create medical SEO with this need in mind.

Cardiology Medical Practices

For cardiologists looking to dominate the local search listings, our team is pleased to offer extensive medical SEO services.

Chiropractor Practices & Integrative Practices

At FOUND Web Creative, we have experience providing SEO and website design services for a range of providers, including those who work in chiropractic care, holistic medicine, and more.

Cosmetic Surgery Medical Practices

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons depend on SEO to facilitate sustainable, long-term results. We are pleased to partner with these practices.

Dermatology Medical Practices

For dermatologists looking to build name recognition, dominate the SERP, and draw new patients, we offer comprehensive solutions.

Endocrinology Medical Practices

Our scope of experience includes medical SEO services for endocrinology practices, helping them develop long-term, sustainable search visibility.

Functional Medicine Practices

Functional medicine and holistic health practices are gaining in popularity, making the marketplace more competitive than ever. For an advantage, consider medical SEO services.

Gastroenterology Medical Practices

FOUND Web Creative provides SEO for medical practices focused on gastrointestinal health, including websites built with SEO in mind.

General Practice & Family Practices

There is typically a lot of competition between primary care providers and family practices. Having the right medical SEO services can make all the difference.

Geriatrics Practices

We offer our expertise to practices focused on geriatric care, boosting visibility among patients and their family members.

Hospitals & Free-Standing ERs

In crowded markets, hospitals and free-standing ER facilities benefit from a higher SERP placement. Consider website design and SEO services from FOUND Web Creative.

Internal Medicine Practices

Our experience in medical SEO services extends to internal medicine practices, to whom we offer sound strategies for sustainable, long-term growth.

Integrative Medicine Practices

We are happy to provide full-scope search optimization services to practices that work in the integrative medicine space, placing an emphasis on appointment-setting.

Lasik, Vision & Eye Care Medical Practices

When patients need an eye doctor, they turn to the search engines. We utilize our SEO services to ensure a competitive advantage.

Medical Weight-Loss Practices

Medical weight-loss facilities depend on high name recognition and a reputation for professionalism. A sound SEO strategy can go a long way.

Naturopathic Medical Practices

We work with naturopathic medical practices, helping improve search engine visibility for the most competitive keyword terms.

Neurology Medical Practices

Our team has a proven track record of success with neurology practices, delivering medical SEO services to facilitate sustained growth and bottom-line improvement.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Practices

FOUND Web Creative is pleased to offer SEO services to women’s health practices of all kinds, including obstetrics and gynecology specialists.

Orthodontics Medical Practices

When parents need the best orthodontist for their son or daughter, they often turn to Google. Our services include strategic SEO on behalf of orthodontic practices.

Optometry & Ophthalmology Medical Practices

Our team loves having the chance to work with ocular specialists of all kinds, including those who work in optometry and ophthalmology.

Otolaryngology & ENT Medical Practices

We work with ENTs to help them establish visibility in local search, and to draw qualified leads to their practice website.

Orthopedics Medical Practices

FOUND Web Creative delivers medical SEO services to practices of all kinds, including professionals in the orthopedics space.

Pain Management Medical Practices

For pain management facilities, SEO is an invaluable way to build credibility and to connect with patients who are in need.

Pediatrics Medical Practices

We love working with pediatricians, helping to establish their practices as trusted resources for kids and their parents.

Physical Therapy Medical Practices

How can your physical therapy practice stand out from other PTs in the community? It starts with having the right medical SEO consultant.

Plastic Surgery Medical Practices

Plastic surgeons need to have a reputation for artfulness as well as clinical precision. SEO can play a critical role in building that reputation.

Podiatry Practices

Our team produces SEO for medical practices of all kinds, including podiatrists. We are pleased to assist foot doctors with our no-nonsense approach.

Medical Spa & Aesthetics Practices

To establish your medical spa as the med spa of choice, consider an investment in SEO. Our team is prepared to offer a full, custom proposal.

Mental Health Medical Practices

Mental health providers must ensure their services are easily discoverable by local patients or referring providers. We are pleased to work with clients in the psychiatric health field.

Radiology Medical Practices

We arm radiologists with the advanced SEO strategies required to develop long-lasting search visibility, and to improve referral and appointment rates.

Rehabilitation Medical Practices

At FOUND Web Creative, we provide SEO services to help rehab facilities stand out from the competition and gain the attention of local patients.

Rheumatology Medical Practices

Our experience within medical SEO services extends to providers in the field of rheumatology. Our team will help ensure the sustainable growth for your practice.

Reproductive Health Medical Practices

Reproductive health providers rely on Internet search engines, along with medical SEO consultants, to get their message out.

Sexual Health Medical Practices

For sexual health medical practices, FOUND Web Creative is pleased to offer robust SEO services that emphasize lead generation and bottom-line growth.

Urgent Care & Walk-In Medical Practices

Many communities have several urgent care clinics for patients to choose from, making strategic SEO an important way to gain competitive advantage.

Urology Medical Practices

For urologists looking to bolster their name recognition and connect with patients in the area, we are happy to showcase a full range of optimization and website design services.

Vein Clinics & Practices

Through our medical SEO services, we can help establish your vein clinic as the clinic of choice among local patients.

Wellness & Nutrition Medical Practices

Our team members are proud to partner with wellness and nutrition practices, offering SEO services to boost appointment-setting and to elevate revenues.

A Tale of Two Medical Practices in Searchville Over 5 Years

Two plastic surgeons decided to set up shop in the bustling town of Searchville.

Invested in SEO

Right out of the gate, the first plastic surgeon decided that medical SEO was worth a significant, long-term investment. So, she hired FOUND Web Creative to help her reach a prominent place on the Google SERP. While she didn’t see overnight results, she ultimately found her practice well-positioned to draw qualified leads. This practice is the first thing you’ll find if you Google for plastic surgery in Searchville, and it continues to achieve substantial revenue growth that can be directly attributed to SEO.

Not Invested in SEO

Searchville’s second plastic surgeon wasn’t quite so forward-thinking. Disregarding the importance of sustainable SEO, he hired a cheap firm to optimize his website, make a couple of minor tweaks, and call it a day. This minimal approach has offered vanishing results over time, to the point that this plastic surgeon is all but invisible to local search engine users. He continues to miss out on the revenue generation he could have garnered through early adoption of medical SEO.

Successful SEO Leads to a Future of Sustainable Patient Acquisition

When you invest in a long-term SEO strategy for your medical practice, it doesn’t merely yield higher search rankings. It also nets you more referrals, more appointments, and more returning patients.

Increase Search Visibility

The initial goal of your SEO campaign is to boost your visibility among local search engine users, allowing your practice to be “found” by patients nearby.

Increase Qualified Traffic

By boosting the prominence of your practice, SEO should also draw website traffic from individuals who are seeking medical expertise.

Increase Call, Chat, and Form Leads

Once patients arrive on your website, you can engage them to fill out a form, chat with a customer service rep, or simply pick up the phone to call you.

Increase Revenue Attributed to SEO

Ultimately, SEO works to bring in leads and convert them to patients, allowing you to clearly see how your investment has improved revenues.

“My Previous or Current SEO Company Dropped the Ball”

What Makes FOUND Different?

We hear from clients all the time who have hired SEO agencies in the past, parted ways with huge sums of money, and ended up with nothing to show for it. Sadly, this is pretty common in our industry: Many SEO firms hide behind dynamic sales teams that make lavish presentations, but when the sales rep passes the baton to their SEO technicians, the expectations drop off considerably.

At FOUND, we’re not interested in mystifying you or hiding behind smoke and mirrors. We’ll set clear expectations from the get-go and hit the ground running with a smart strategy to produce noteworthy results, within a reasonable span of time. We’re results-oriented, transparent, and client-minded, focused on growing our client’s businesses and limiting low project turnover.

SEO Strategies That Grow Your Authority and Increase Google’s Trust in Your Medical Practice

When you choose to work with FOUND Web Creative, we’ll develop custom strategies to provide you with meaningful, sustainable results.


Our process begins with a discovery call, giving us a chance to get to know your practice a little better and to understand your business goals.

Site Audit

An initial audit of your website helps us discover opportunities to improve on-site optimization, or to enrich your practice website with stronger content offerings.

Competitor Analysis

To help us position your practice for success, it’s important for us to assess who your competitors are and how they’re faring on the SERP.

Keyword Research

Our team will conduct exhaustive keyword research, allowing us to determine the competitive search terms that will help you connect with potential patients.

Content Planning & Development

One of the most important ways to establish SEO success is to provide your website visitors (and the search algorithms) with informative content, which we can help with.

Backlink Development

Rather than buying backlinks, we’ll help you earn them with your authoritative content and a robust outreach effort.

On-Page Optimization

Our medical SEO services include all aspects of technical SEO. We’ll help ensure your website performs well, both from an optimization and a user experience perspective.

Google Business Profile Enrichment

It’s vital for medical practices to have well-optimized Google Business Profiles. We’re happy to help you get a strong profile in place.

Citation Development

Through our citation services, we can help your medical practice earn citations in relevant directories and local indexes.

Review Assist

Potential patients place a major emphasis on online reviews. We’ll help you generate positive reviews while properly managing negative ones.

Page Speed & Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals, which include page speed, are relevant search engine ranking factors. We can help monitor your vitals and optimize your site for success.

Shareable Asset Creation

Our team will utilize informative resources that will encourage your patients to share widely, boosting recognition for your practice or providers.

Social Sharing & Offsite Outreach

Through social media sharing and relationship-building, we can help create awareness for your practice while generating website traffic.

Conversion Optimization

It’s not enough to draw qualified leads to your website. We’ll also help you put structures in place to convert those leads into appointments.

Performance Reporting

Our team will provide metrics and reporting at every step of the way, demonstrating the value we’re adding to your practice.

Unlock the Full Potential of SEO for Your Medical Practice

Hold an Initial Discovery Call and Receive a Proposal in Under a Week

Ready to learn more about SEO for medical practices? We’re happy to chat with you about how we can position your practice for long-term growth. Schedule a discovery call with FOUND Web Creative today.

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