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FOUND Web Creative provides small businesses and professional practices with premium SEO campaigns, including SEO-infused website design. We’re not the agency you choose when you just want to check a few boxes on a digital marketing checklist. Instead, we develop comprehensive plans for long-term, bottom-line success. It’s been our great pleasure to work with both local businesses and nationwide brands, and we couldn’t be prouder of our results.

Pool Services Franchise

Working with a nationally known pool franchise, our team delivered 136 percent growth in top 10 non-branded keyword visibility over the course of 16 months, leading to healthy growth in qualified traffic. In addition, we achieved 5X growth in top-three keyword visibility for the company’s top service.

Plumbing Franchise

We helped a well-known plumbing business realize an explosion in homepage and service pages top 10 non-branded keyword visibility over the course of a single year. This led to vast growth in qualified traffic, significantly improving the company’s bottom line.

Fast Track Fitness & Physical Therapy

Our team designed a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website for a physical therapist, and ran a concurrent SEO campaign in a competitive 100K+ city. Through our efforts, we helped the practice attain a #1 overall organic rank forphysical therapy murrieta,” a critical, localized search term. Over the last five months, year-over-year organic traffic has grown by 34 percent.

Law Offices of Marie E. Wood

FOUND designed a responsive, mobile-friendly website for an immigration attorney and ran an SEO campaign in a competitive 100K+ city. Through our careful strategy, we helped our client achieve a #1 local map pack and overall organic rank for “immigration attorney temecula.”

UBER Driver Things

TTA Appraisal Co.

When we initially spoke with the CEO of the company, TTA Appraisal Co. was at the start of a campaign to really land their nationwide footprint.

Their website was dated and was not suited to properly handle what very little qualified traffic was coming in. Their online visibility was minimal, having no organic placement and social media presence.

In effort to be relevant and improve outside perception of the company, we delivered a full mobile-friendly website rebuild and digital marketing marketing strategy using various online channels such as SEO, Social Media and PPC.

Electrical Services Franchise

In 12 months’ time, we increased top 10 keyword visibility (non-branded terms) for our clients’ homepage by a total of 391 percent. We also achieved top-three keyword visibility for a struggling service page, going from 0 to 30+, vastly improving the page’s traffic cost value.

HVAC Services Franchise

Over the course of a year, FOUND boosted our client’s homepage visibility by 338 percent (234 to 1,025 terms). We also dramatically increased the value of their heater repair service page, improving from 16 to 160 keywords in the top 10 (900 percent growth). Finally, we grew the AC Repair service page’s top 10 keyword visibility 1,220 percent (5 to 66 keywords) in the same time span.


The category of product was quite over-saturated with cheaply made and inexpensive alternatives. We needed to come up with a winning game plan to carefully distinguish the Infinity Boost Car Charger as the top of the line option for consumer devices.
Not only did we create a beautifully branded, SEO-infused e-commerce website, we also developed their product packaging and messaging.

Home Cleaning Service Franchise

Working with a home cleaning franchise, our team increased top 10 visibility for the One Time Cleaning Services page by 322 percent (233 to 983 keywords). We grew the House Cleaning & Sanitization Service Page by 313 percent (from 31 to 128). FOUND achieved both of these goals within 16 months.

Level Grounds Xpresso

FOUND implemented a mobile-friendly e-commerce website as well as provided consultation to help the brand maximize success in terms of online visibility to sales generation.

Angel Paws Pet Cremation

For this local business, FOUND boosted overall online visibility, attaining #1 milestones for qualified keywords in the highly competitive San Diego, California market.

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