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Is your website performing as it should? How is your organic web presence? Let us help you see what is working and what requires improvement.

Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

Located in beautiful Temecula, CA, FOUND Web Creative is a digital marketing agency comprised of collaborative creatives and strategists who are ready to fuel your business’s online presence. We build websites with a purpose to deliver continuity of your brand and ensure a professional, evolving web presence in your industry. In conjunction, we develop calculated organic SEO strategies that promote brand awareness, drive qualified web traffic and convert visitors into customers of your products and services. Learn more about us and how can help establish your brand online.

Website Design & Development

We specialize in taking your brand and amplifying its web presence. It all starts with the design of a beautiful, engaging website that is built to convert your target audience into customers. We develop websites that are modern in look, functionality and in mobile-friendliness.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We get you found by qualified traffic in Google. With calculated precision, we develop a strategy that targets an audience that wants what you have. Through intelligent keyword research, competitor analysis, on-page and off-page optimization – we breathe Search Engine Optimization.

Who We Serve

Here at FOUND Web Creative, we are collaborative creatives and strategists ready to fuel your business’s online presence. We offer internet marketing services to many industries. From medical practices, law firms, behavioral health centers to local businesses of all kind, we provide branding, website design, search engine optimization and more to help get YOUR business succeed.

Behavioral Health Centers

Behavioral Health Centers

Local Small Business

Local Small Businesses

Heya! I’m Eric

I started FOUND because I wanted to deliver an option that truly goes beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing agencies, SEO and web design firms. An option that provides transparencyqualitystabilityconsistencyintimacy and pro-activity by default.

I know how daunting of a task it can be to scour the web in search for the perfect digital marketing agency. How do you know the agency you ultimately select is going to follow through on their promises?

During this time, as you’re in the beginning stages of setting your digital marketing initiatives, allow me the opportunity to go out on a limb first. Send me your website URL, a list of your marketing goals and competitors. I’d love to offer your company some value – no strings attached!

Eric Santana Digital Marketing

Businesses We’ve Worked With



Kaylee Wilson of Level Grounds Xpresso

“FOUND Web Creative is the best! Eric is hands-down the most helpful creative web designer and SEO guru. This guy wrestled with a web host catastrophe under a deadline AND completed his prescribed refurbishments in time. Calm, cool, collected, & creative – there’s no shortage of positive adjectives to describe Eric and his company Found Web Creative.”

It’s Time for Take Off

You’re confident you can grow your business by increasing your online presence and you’re now ready to make it a priority! Great, because according to a 2017 study by Hubspot, 61% of marketers share this same sentiment. What can we take from this statistic? If you’re not focused on your digital marketing efforts, your competitors are!

The Proof is in the Pudding

TTA Appraisal Co.

In 2016, TTA Appraisal Co. had the interior of a national damage appraisal company, but the exterior of a mom and pop shop. Wanting their online presence to match the nationwide footprint they maintained, I rebuilt TTA’s website from ground up and implemented a full-fledged SEO strategy. The end result was an organic traffic increase of 137% within 120 days after relaunch. TTA Appraisal currently ranks #1 for nationally-competitive keywords such as damage appraisal, damage appraisal services, damage appraisal company

Why Consider Us Over the Freelancer and Traditional Web/SEO Agency?

When your businesses is unable to maintain an in-house team and is in need of sourcing out creative and strategy, the external options available are typically hiring a freelancer or marketing agency. Each of these options share their own pros and cons, and can make for a tough decision on what’s best for your business. This is where we step in. FOUND offers the best of both worlds in price, communication and quality output of work.

The Freelancer

Typically, you’ll find Freelancers to be affordable, flexible and able to produce quality work. Negatives: they lack the ability to scale with your increased workload and that disappearing act can be quite inconvenient when you have looming deadlines.

Pros Cons
Affordable Hindered ability to scale
Flexibility Other clients/priorities
Produce quality work Are you still alive?

The Traditional Web Marketing Agency

With Agencies, you’ll find account managers to be quite responsive, able to scale their team in workload and maintain a consistent level of quality production. The downside? It’s expensive and once you get past that honeymoon period in a retainer relationship, stagnancy can come into question.

Pros Cons
Account Manager Pricey hourly and retainer rates
Scalability Excess projects/clients
Produce quality work Minimal project intimacy

The FOUND Team

With a remote team of collaborative creatives and strategists, we offer the quality, cost-effective solutions you need. We pride ourselves in the production of quality work, transparency and continuous pro-activity. We’re the in between option without the sacrifice in workmanship.

checkmark Competitive rates
checkmark  Quality work production
checkmark  Continuous pro-activity
checkmark  Scalability
checkmark  Exceptional communication and transparency

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FOUND Web Creative
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