Local SEO for Attorneys & Law Firms

Sustain Your Client Growth With Search Engine Optimization

When you’re in need of a trustworthy attorney, where do you turn? For most people, the answer is Google. Today’s consumers increasingly rely on search engines to help them find relevant service providers, and law firms are no exception. For your law office to connect with potential clients, and ultimately to increase your bottom line, robust search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. FOUND Web Creative is here to help.
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Local SEO for Attorneys & Law Firms

Sustain Your Client Growth With Search Engine Optimization

When you’re in need of a trustworthy attorney, where do you turn? For most people, the answer is Google. Today’s consumers increasingly rely on search engines to help them find relevant service providers, and law firms are no exception. For your law office to connect with potential clients, and ultimately to increase your bottom line, robust search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. FOUND Web Creative is here to help.

How Does SEO Help You Grow Your Law Firm?

Over 90% of People Use Online Search to Find a Local Service

At FOUND, we understand that good SEO isn’t just about bolstering your search engine visibility; in many ways, that’s just the beginning. When done properly, SEO should lead to a notable uptick in organic traffic and in qualified leads. And ultimately, those leads should become clients, helping you to sustainably grow your firm and improve your revenue flow.

Local & Organic SEO Visibility Explained

How Search Rankings Affect Your Bottom-Line Revenue

As more potential clients seek qualified law partners on the Web, strategic search engine placement can be incredibly valuable. Ranking well for important search terms can help your law firm get “discovered” among locals who are in the market for a good attorney. And if you have the right website in place to turn those leads into appointments, then your investment in SEO can pay off in the form of long-term, bottom-line growth.

Ranking the Local Map Pack VS Not Ranking the Local Map Pack

Studies show that 42% of all local searches involve clicks on the Google Map Pack. What this means is that, if your law firm can position itself within this rarified online real estate, it will provide a huge edge over your competition. That’s what good lawyer SEO can help you accomplish.

Ranking #1 Overall Organically VS Ranking Page 2

Further studies show that 34% of clicks are on the #1 organic result while the top of page 2 attains about 1%. What this means for your law firm is that getting positioned on the first page of a Google search establishes viability among local search users. Getting pushed to subsequent pages can make you all but invisible.

Don’t Lose Clients to Attorneys with Better SEO!

When a law firm invests in SEO, it can not only gain greater visibility among clients in the area, but it can also establish itself as the law firm of choice within the community. But without a viable lawyer SEO strategy, you’re ceding that position to your competition. Simply put, investing in a thoughtful law firm SEO strategy is essential for building your client base and for facilitating sustainable, long-term growth.

Premium SEO Services to Establish Your Firm as the Firm of Choice

At FOUND Web Creative, we’re passionate about helping professional practices connect with local clients, boost their bottom line, and develop sound strategies for market dominance. We’re pleased to offer our no-nonsense approach to law firm SEO to all types of legal practices.

We Provide SEO for Various Types of Legal Practices

Bankruptcy Attorney SEO

When faced with financial peril, individuals, including business owners, may seek the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. To ensure that your bankruptcy practice stands out from the competition, conveying trust and professionalism, you’ll need to invest in a good law firm SEO strategy.

Civil Litigation Attorney SEO

In many marketplaces, civil litigation attorneys are fairly numerous. As such, you’ll have your work cut out for you to stand apart from the competition, and to earn attention from qualified leads. FOUND Web Creative is pleased to provide robust, no-nonsense SEO services for law firms that focus on civil litigation.

Contract Attorney SEO

Eventually, most business owners need to enlist the expertise of a good contract attorney. The right investment in SEO can help your contract practice dominate the marketplace, supplying you with a competitive edge over other attorneys working in the same field. Our team is here to help.

Corporate Attorney SEO

Looking to attract corporate- or enterprise-level clients? A robust law firm SEO strategy is essential. At FOUND Web Creative, we have ample experience assisting corporate attorneys with both lawyer SEO and SEO-infused website development services.

Criminal Attorney SEO

When someone needs a criminal attorney, they’re likely to head to Google and call one of the first names they come across. As such, prominent search engine placement can be essential to your success in criminal law. FOUND Web Creative has a proven track record working with criminal attorneys, establishing their reputation on the Internet.

DUI Attorney SEO

DUI charges can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s life and reputation. So, when faced with these charges, many individuals seek a skilled attorney who can help them navigate the court system and mount a vigorous defense. A smart approach to law firm SEO can help your DUI firm connect with potential clients.

Employment Attorney SEO

Employment attorneys can furnish valuable services to employers and employees alike. To connect with the widest possible client case, a strategic emphasis on SEO can prove pivotal. Our team has the capabilities to establish your employment firm as the firm of choice.

Estate Planning Attorney SEO

Estate planning can be an incredibly competitive field of law. To establish your competitive advantage, and to bolster your visibility on the Web, having the right SEO partner is necessary. At FOUND, we can deliver a long-term strategy to facilitate sustainable bottom-line growth.

Family Law Attorney SEO

Clients turn to family law attorneys when they have questions about sensitive matters like divorce and child custody. To attract clients and land appointments, it’s imperative to establish your practice as experienced, trustworthy, and empathetic. A robust commitment to SEO can make a world of difference.

General Practice Attorney SEO

Sometimes, legal generalists can find it especially difficult to stand out. At FOUND Web Creative, we’re ready to provide your law office with high visibility for important local search terms, leading to increased organic traffic and an improved bottom line.

Immigration Attorney SEO

SEO can be an important way to promote your immigration practice, highlighting your legal acumen as well as your caring and client-centered approach. Connect with FOUND for comprehensive lawyer SEO strategies as well as SEO-infused website design.

Intellectual Property Attorney SEO

As an intellectual property lawyer, you play a key role in defending the rights of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. To make your practice more discoverable to potential clients, having a holistic and long-term SEO strategy is crucial.

Medical Malpractice Attorney SEO

When faced with a possible malpractice case, your potential clients will search the Web for qualified and experienced attorneys. FOUND Web Creative is pleased to provide a range of brand-enhancing, bottom-line-driving services to medical malpractice firms.

Personal Injury Attorney SEO

What do people do when they are injured, or sustain property damage, due to another party’s recklessness or neglect? Often, they use search engines to help locate a reputable personal injury lawyer. The right approach to SEO can help your law firm stand out.

Tax Attorney SEO

A robust law firm SEO strategy can give your tax practice an influx of organic traffic, a higher number of qualified leads, and ultimately improved revenues. At FOUND Web Creative, we’re pleased to offer our experience in legal SEO.

Workers Compensation Attorney

To grow your workers compensation practice, you’ll need to dominate local searches for targeted keywords, drawing organic traffic and qualified leads to your firm’s website. Our team can provide you with a sound strategy that delivers sustainable long-term results.

A Tale of Two Legal Practices in Searchville Over 5 Years

In the busy city of Searchville, two personal injury firms set up shop at roughly the same time. Though similar in their services and their breadth of experience, the two practices differed in their initial SEO investment.

Invested in SEO

The first firm hired a reputable SEO company that didn’t make any too-good-to-be-true promises, but instead offered high-quality work to facilitate long-term growth. While the firm didn’t see overnight results, they ultimately cemented their reputation as Searchville’s best and most prominent firm. They continue to dominate the search engine results page and win new clients every single month, all of their growth attributable to SEO.

Not Invested in SEO

Searchville’s second personal injury law firm didn’t make the same heavy investment in SEO, instead opting for a cheap firm that simply completed a couple of checklists without ever mapping out a robust long-term strategy. As such, the firm is now floundering on the second page of Google search results, finding it harder and harder to connect with potential clients. With minimal organic traffic, the firm is missing out on the sustainable, bottom-line results that they might have experienced with the right SEO partner.

Successful SEO Leads to a Future of Sustainable Legal Client Acquisition

Our team operates with a simple premise: Good SEO isn’t merely about search engine rankings, but ultimately about helping your legal practice to grow and to thrive.

Increase Search Visibility

Our approach to law firm SEO will increase your prominence in local search listings, including placement within the Google Map Pack.

Increase Qualified Traffic

Higher visibility means more organic traffic to your website, including traffic from locals who are actively seeking legal representation.

Increase Call, Chat, and Form Leads

As you bring in more qualified leads, you can engage them with phone calls, chat windows, and contact forms, ultimately setting more appointments.

Increase Revenue Attributed to SEO

Our ultimate aim is to help you build your client list and increase your practice revenues, all through the power of robust SEO.

“My Previous SEO Company Didn’t Move the Needle!”

What Makes FOUND Different?

Unfortunately, we hear too many stories of law firms who invest in SEO and then never see substantial results. Frankly, this is because many SEO agencies, especially the bargain-priced ones, hide behind fancy sales presentations, setting unrealistic expectations without offering a clear action plan. But once the sales team passes the baton to the SEO technicians, those expectations are steadily lowered.

We take an entirely different approach. We believe in demystifying SEO, explaining at every step of the way what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We create substantive campaigns with realistic timelines. And we furnish data and metrics, allowing you to see for yourself how our efforts help you achieve real, sustainable growth.

SEO Strategies That Grow Your Authority and Increase Google’s Trust in Your Dental Practice

When you choose to work with FOUND Web Creative, we’ll develop custom strategies to provide you with meaningful, sustainable results.


Our process begins with a discovery call, giving us a chance to become familiar with your practice and to confirm your marketing goals.

Site Audit

An initial website audit allows us to identify any opportunities for improvement, and also to determine where your website is currently performing well.

Competitor Analysis

A big part of lawyer SEO is determining who you’re competing with, and how other firms are positioning themselves on the Web.

Keyword Research

Keyword research allows us to determine which words and phrases locals use to help find information about legal representation.

Content Planning & Development

Our team will help you plan and develop the informational content needed to engage visitors and to assert your practice’s authority in oral health.

Backlink Development

Rather than buying backlinks, we’ll help you earn them via an effective content and outreach strategy.

On-Page Optimization

At FOUND, we place a big emphasis on technical SEO, ensuring that your website is carefully optimized for prominence in search listings.

Google Business Profile Enrichment

Your law firm will need a comprehensive Google Business Profile. That’s something we can develop on your behalf.

Citation Development

Through our citation services, FOUND can help your law firm get listed in local directories and search indexes.

Review Assist

Client reviews matter. We’ll help you generate and highlight positive reviews while disputing any negative or fallacious ones.

Page Speed & Core Web Vitals

Our team will ensure a website that functions well, both for users and for the search algorithms, placing an emphasis on page speed and Core Web Vitals.

Shareable Asset Creation

Our strategy also includes the creation of shareable assets, making it easier for you to raise awareness about your practice.

Social Sharing & Offsite Outreach

Building name recognition is essential for SEO success. We’ll accomplish that through effective social sharing and offsite outreach efforts.

Conversion Optimization

FOUND will also help you ensure a website that’s ready to capture qualified leads, ultimately turning them into appointments and clients.

Performance Reporting

We will report back to you at every step of the way, demonstrating the progress we’re making on your behalf.

Grow Your Practice with Law Firm SEO

Hold an Initial Discovery Call and Receive a Proposal in Under a Week

An investment in SEO can help you facilitate long-term revenue growth for your practice. We’d love to tell you more about our approach to SEO for law firms and invite you to schedule your discovery call today. You’ll get a proposal from FOUND Web Creative in under a week’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal SEO

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about legal SEO. Here are a few of the most common inquiries we receive.

It’s natural to want fast results, yet at FOUND Web Creative, our highest priority is to lay the foundation for long-term, sustainable growth. We always want to set clear expectations about your timeline, which may be impacted by a range of varied factors.

Your Website and Domain History

A website and domain with some history tend to garner more trust with Google than a newborn site/domain. New sites usually take some time to gather momentum in search visibility, depending on the SEO and content strategy in play.

Your Competitors & Practice Area 

Your timeline also depends on how aggressive your competitors have been with SEO and digital marketing, plus how long they’ve been a player in the market. Your legal specialty can also play a role in how competitive things are on the organic level.

Your Target Market/s

Another critical factor is your geography. Larger markets like Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas tend to be more competitive battlegrounds, making it harder to rank within the Map Pack and page 1 overall compared to more rural areas.

How Much Does SEO Cost for Law Firms and Attorneys?

The legal profession tends to be pretty competitive, and achieving your desired outcomes will require a prolonged, comprehensive strategy. The specific costs of law firm SEO can vary according to your market, and to the degree of aggressiveness you desire.

Do Law Firms Really Need SEO?

Most people use Internet search engines to help find professional services, including qualified lawyers. If search engine results highlight your competitors but fail to showcase your firm, it will likely mean that you lose out on clients and ultimately on revenue opportunities. Law firms can’t afford to leave search engine visibility up to chance.

Do You Offer Market Exclusivity?

Yes we do. FOUND only takes on one client per area of expertise for the primary target market, meaning there is no conflict of interest on our end.

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