SEO - Eric Santana

Why I Started FOUND

Hello, I’m Eric Santana. Over the course of my career in the web industry I have worked as a Web Designer, Front-End Developer and SEO Manager. I have worked in both corporate and agency style settings as well as in big team and small team environments. I even freelanced for some time (and fortunately was able to do so without resorting to eating only ramen noodles). Thanks to bosses, colleagues and industry influencers, I’ve learned quite a bit over the years and forever in their debt.

Perhaps the most valuable experience I accrued came in the form of working the fast-paced agency life. I’ve seen the underbelly of agency operations. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve also heard countless horror stories described by clients regarding their past agency relationships. Common issues (and their reasons for cutting ties) ranged from drop off in quality to needing a change in scenery due to stagnant campaign pro-activity and results.

I started FOUND because I wanted to deliver an option that truly goes beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing agencies, SEO and web design firms. An option that provides transparency, quality, stabilityconsistency, intimacy and pro-activity by default. An option that offers qualities that resemble an in-house team to businesses who are looking to source out their website design and digital marketing.

I started FOUND because I want to succeed with you.